Teaching: Off Campus

CBPO shop frontToday, I am heading down to the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. I’m giving a guest lecture about tactical urbanism and for part of class, we’re going to walk around downtown Omaha, analyzing what material spaces communicate to us. During this trip, I hope the students–who are high-school age and from all over Omaha–think how an experience economy is created and how this blurs conventional understandings of private and public space.

As I was preparing, it struck me that I’ve been doing quite a bit of teaching off-campus lately. Well, off Creighton’s campus, at least. I taught a graduate class at UNL this summer, which was a lot of fun. We had some great discussions, and I’ve been reading awesome papers that the students wrote. I can’t wait to see them presented at conferences!

For the better part of a year now, I’ve also been teaching at the Community Bike Project Omaha (pictured above). I co-teach Youth Earn-a-Bike classes, which means that I work with kids 10-15 years old. They fix up their bikes, learn safe riding skills, and then get the bike, a helmet, a lock, and a water bottle for free at the end of six classes.

Engaging with students of different ages and experience levels is a great way to think more holistically about teaching practices. And I’m grateful that I’ve had these opportunities. They make me excited about the upcoming fall semester!


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